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The Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. (RCCL), or the NYSE: RCL at , as goes its trading name, is an American Cruise Holding Company. It is based in Miami, Florida, and is incorporated in Liberia. The Royal Caribbean Cruise Ltd. is reportedly the second-largest cruise holding company in the world and fully owns three different cruise lines. The three cruise lines are; Azamara Cruises, Celebrity Cruises, and Royal Caribbean International. It is said to have its stakes or percentages in many different cruising lines with as major as 50% and 67% per company.


More About RCCL

Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. was formed after Celebrity Cruises was acquired by the Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines in 1997. The original plan was to keep the two companies separate and hence, the Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines was rebranded to form the Royal Caribbean International and the RCCL was made the parent company for both the cruise lines. The Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. made an important decision in November 2006 by acquiring the Pullmantur Cruises in Madrid, Spain. Ever since its stocks at NYSE: RCL have been on an ever high and the company has seen tremendous growth.


Record-Breaking stuff by Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.

The Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. is the owner of the record-breaking cruise ship “Harmony Of The Seas” which is registered in the Bahamas. The ship comes with a lot of cool features.

  1. The vessel has a capacity of carrying 6780 passengers and 2100 crew members.
  2. It weighs more than 1700 elephants, and only one of the four bows generates a horsepower, that is equivalent to more than seven Ferraris.
  3. This huge vessel measures 362.12m from bow to stern and is the world’s largest cruise ship. Ever since getting the ship under their wings, the NYSE: RCL stocks have surged.
  4. The restaurants provide more than 40 types of bread and 100 types of pastries to choose from.
  5. Most of the rooms overlook the sea through the windows or the artificial balconies. It also has its resort, the deepest underwater swimming pool, and a theatre that presents shows from around the world.


Investing in NYSE: RCL

All the above facts are fancy for sure and are capable of acquiring a huge number of fans. But, it is not what the investors want to see while investing. They look for facts, as below:

  1. Market Cap – 10,366,670,015
  2. P/E Ratio – 58.94
  3. Yearly target – 62.00
  4. Share Volume – 13,644,426
  5. Yearly High/Low – $135.31/$19.25


While investing or buying stocks in the NYSE: RCL, the above factors play a very important role in predicting the success and failure of the company to provide value. Apart from all other technicalities, the Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. is a major cruise line company that is bound to grow in the coming years.  You can start stock trading at the stock buying app at present. Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.


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