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What that is going to do is increase the premiums people pay to their Medicare Advantage plans, and reduce the benefits of these

Increased Medicare Advantage Prices

Right now, a lot of people select Medicare Advantage plans because they have zero superior. When given a choice on Medicare programs, they see it as an easy alternative because it’s a completely free program for these,”Sure, I receive Medicare benefits, I don’t pay anything for this ; why not” We have seen that with a number of the Blue Cross Medicare Advantage plans this year. It’s going to get worse as we go forward in the future.

To be able to lessen the premium increases, what many Medicare Advantage plans will do will raise the copayments, increase the deductibles, and modify the co-insurance rates. To be able to keep the premiums down, they will just push more of the costs on the Medicare Advantage recipients.

Fewer Medicare Physicians

And then if that wasn’t bad enough, as Medicare physicians begin receiving lower and lower reimbursements for Medicare Advantage individuals, they are going to stop taking new Medicare Advantage recipients. We are likely to see the pool of physicians to support people in Medicare beginning to shrink too, unless changes are made over the course of the next five years. So Medicare will be influenced, and it’s going to be affected dramatically by health care reform. Everybody’s sort of on pins and needles, waiting to see what’s going to take place there.

The previous one, and possibly the biggest myth about medical care reform, is everybody thinking that ObamaCare will reduce healthcare expenses. That is entirely hogwash. Early on in the process, when they were trying to come up with the regulations and rules, the emphasis along with one of the aims for reform was to reduce healthcare costs.

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