The Peruvian Amazon is a particularly great location to experience wild macaws due to the existence of large, secure areas like Manu National Park and the Tambopata Reserve. Tambopata particularly, is especially famed for african grey for sale uk macaws as a result of large amounts which happen there in addition to the existence of a huge clay beverage seen by dozens of macaws on a daily basis. There are six species of macaws which could be struck in the Tambopata area. They are:

The colpa in Tambopata is among the hardly any available clay licks employed by this macaw species. The Scarlet Macaw is among the most widespread species of macaws and occurred from eastern Mexico south into the Amazon rainforest. They’ve disappeared from many regions of Mexico and Central America but are still quite common in the huge forests of Amazonia. It’s quite similar in look to the Scarlet Macaw but lacks yellow in the wing, has darker reddish plumage, and tiny feathers around the face. The Red and Green Macaw will see clay pops at after hours in the afternoon compared to another macaws of Tambopata. Its blue, green, and crimson colors stick out in flight and if rapping on the clay lick. Its dull bluegreen, and yellow plumage is not as brilliant as the other macaws species of Tambopata.
Some fascinating facts about macaws

Macaws are extremely intelligent- One of the cleverest birds on the planet, some macaws are believed to be as smart as a four year-old individual.

Macaws are seed predators- These enormous, strong bills are utilized for breaking open exceptionally hard blossom seeds. Red and Green Macaws appear to be particularly proficient at breaking open the cannonball such as seed pods of Brazilnut trees. This is a rare resource from the volcano and is supposed to be the primary limiting factor for macaw inhabitants in Tambopata, Peru.

Macaws form strong pair bonds- These big parrots are nearly always found in pairs and are thought to possess the exact same partner for the majority of their lifetime. They spend almost all their time together and can grow to be very envious of perceived competitions.
Macaws are magnificent bird species which require considerable levels of habitat and protection to survival. Luckily, their grandeur could be experienced and recorded with photos in protected areas which have been designed for tourism for example Tambopata, Peru.

Jeff Cremer is a award-winning traveling photographer located in Lima, Peru. His wanderlust and hunt for compelling graphics has attracted him into amazing places all around the world. Inspired by the magnificent beauty and abundant photographic opportunities from Latin America he dwelt in Costa Rica and Colombia before going to Peru.

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