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From the start of the narrative, many conditions will be revealed that will provide various emotions to the audience. In a sense where all of us can relate to the scenes, depicting a lot of symbolism that is so relevant Mulan. The flow of the storyline is really smooth and it is incredibly directed. All of them astound in the musical play film due to their facial expressions and emotions. They’re effective characters that catch attention due to their skills in acting and singing. The production design and the costumes are very suitable for the preferences and functions in each scene. It is so clear that they provide much effort, time and money in producing this brilliant movie. The colors included a good effect in the mood and atmosphere of the film creating a great impression for everyone. The sound effects enrich the viewing experience and caliber of the movie people will certainly love. The camera angles and moves are very well. And, many symbolisms were portrayed throughout the narrative that provides more value, significance and especially, twist into its plot. One of them are the Bishop’s silver candlesticks which represent the beginning of life you have to lose light in a darkened world, the Bastille Elephant that represents the possibility of France via its greatness, the barricades that represents earthly things that looks like how sins could hold people back from doing exactly what they’re meant to do or supposed to be. So should they overcome these items, they can have a better life, and Gavroche, the spunky street urchin, who represents the hope and goodness for each individuals like the youth the today. And also, the yellow passport, a symbol of social injustice that’s so useful and timely.

Upon the good criticisms and over-all impressions, the movie Les Misérables is a wonderful and remarkable movie. It is clear that this is successful because of its nominations and awards that it won in the field of film market. This is a movie that each audience will love to watch where they could learn a lot of moral lessons particularly in coping in various situations in our life. It is a perfect concept that teaches us that revolution is the action whereby may create a new and better world for everybody. It shows us the different issues that all people must be aware with. The sets and special effects helped in creating a magnificent film at which it could convey your feelings and emotions in every single scene of those characters which catches each viewer’s hearts. The characters excellently gave life in the different viewpoints in the narrative and the arrangement of plot is easy to understand. So as a conclusion, the film is very good. The symbolisms were concisely presented. This movie doesn’t just give you a great musical experience but it gives you the ability to become a better person through God where there is love, faith, happiness, hope and salvation.

This film review for Les Misérables will concentrate to the whole film associated with its symbolisms and characters that is still relevant in modern times. This will give perspectives and see in life where everyone can understand the basis of the movie.

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