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I see a number of positives to following a shuffle participant strategy. First, you will never know when injury is going to strike. It is essential to max out your matches played at each position and it is easy to fall behind speed when injuries mainqq. Also, I am now a huge fan of playing the match-ups. A few weeks ago we explored playing with the match ups for big men and pulled together numerous statistics which make a strong case for doing so. Additionally, I am starting to think benching players from defensive studs such as Ron Artest may be a fantastic idea as well – just ask Luol Deng owners since he was completely shutdown by RonRon the other night in Los Angeles. The two main benefits of shuffling are that it guarantees you max out games played and offers you the ability to play match ups.

Lets now take a look at the negatives. Following a shuffle strategy will certainly put you ahead in matches played speed. As result you may have a skewed outlook on your teams actual performance, which then can lead to poor decision-making as you believe you are ahead in all classes, but are actually really just ahead in games played. What’s more, if your team happens to have a number of slumping celebrity players you may miss out on large second half generation as your slots for matches played becomes maxed out. Another negative to shuffling players is you could not have the flexibility to capitalize on another half of season opportunity made by trade or injury. It happens every year, an integral participant gets injured/traded and a person steps up to fill the void. If you are too far ahead in games played you’ll miss out on this opportunity.

We feel shuffling players supplies an advantage mainly because it ensures that you will max out in matches played at each position. The chance of not even maxing out appears to be higher than missing out on second half generation. Although this article was more of a qualitative analysis than our traditional strategy posts we felt it was an important point to bring up in the first fantasy basketball season.

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