Common bathroom renovation mistakes


The improvement of the bathroom should begin with a plan or graphic display, which will take into account all communications, sockets, the arrangement of furniture items, floor and ceiling. Renovating a bathroom means combining comfort and functionality.

Electricity in the bathroom

Before proceeding with the facing work, it is necessary to calculate the number of electrical appliances used as accurately as possible in order to evenly distribute the degree of load. As a rule, hair is dried in the bathroom, that is, a hairdryer is needed. Girls often resort to curling irons or irons to straighten their hair. Men use electric shavers. In addition, they often install a warm floor, install a washing machine, lighting, etc. Always remember that you can connect additional socket by placing a medicine cabinet.

Bathroom floor

The bathroom is equipped with heavy objects, which is important to remember, especially when renovating old rooms. It is necessary to correctly calculate the load on the floor. The more objects there are in the room, the tougher the base should be.

In addition, with wooden floors, concrete pouring or removal of lags is unacceptable. Otherwise, especially if all this is supplemented with insulation and warm floors, then it is possible that the whole structure will collapse down to the neighbors on the lower floor.

If you plan to carry out a warm floor, then it is necessary to take into account the type of structure. Suppose in apartment buildings only the option with an electrical connection is suitable. None of the others are allowed.

Inexperienced specialists are able to place wires over the entire floor area, which is an unambiguous mistake. A washing machine, wooden pencil case, etc. can be installed on the floor, which does not harmonize with the wiring. There must be no electrical cables under the machine and wooden installations. Otherwise, such a nuisance as a slight electric shock is possible, for example, when you touch the mixer with your hand.

Glossy tiles look beautiful. But it is easy to slip on it and get seriously injured. Rough surfaces are difficult to clean. Therefore, it is recommended to choose the middle option – even matte tiles.

Bathroom ceiling

Gone are the hard times when the bathroom was decorated with a whitewashed ceiling. Today it is relevant – suspended ceilings, since they can be washed, and they are adapted to high humidity.

But there are still people-experimenters who are not afraid to line the walls and ceilings with drywall in the bathroom . Aligning drywall in the bathroom – a sign of ignorance, as in the case of a leak on the roof or a flood from the neighbors above, drywall swell and will miss all of the moisture that will cause decent damage.

Bathroom walls 

As already mentioned, renovating a bathroom eliminates drywall and the typical whitewash that will peel off quickly. Tiles are usually preferred. Some people think that perfect white tiles look fancy. Perhaps there is some truth in this, because the white color really evokes positive emotions. However, white tiles are often associated with a hospital setting. Therefore, designers are advised to choose neutral colors or a combination of colors.

If the bathroom causes difficulties, then it is necessary to invite professionals to repair it.



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