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Did you realize that lack of healthy sustenance and under nourishment is the main sources of ailment, malady and early demise in feathered creatures? Do you need your winged creatures to be sound, have delightful plumes and a magnificent manner? On the off chance that these things are critical to  สัตว์ปีกยอดนิยม   you, at that point they have to devour several supplements regular. This implies they have to eat nourishments that are substantially more nutritious than seeds, pelleted consumes less calories, natural product, vegetables and nuts. At the point when I initially started thinking about feathered creatures, in 1998, all the nourishing rules urged us to take care of a wide assortment of nourishments. In any case, from that point forward I’ve found that the nourishments a great many people feed their feathered creatures are missing fundamental and basic supplements.


What are these necessary supplements? The fundamental and basic supplements that a flying creature needs to eat each day incorporates total protein, catalysts, cell reinforcements, nutrients, minerals, basic unsaturated fats, sugars, and new water.


Before I clarify the significance of these supplements, we should talk about the lopsided characteristics in nourishments most normally took care of to parrots and different flying creatures.


In 2002 an exploration paper, ‘Assessed Nutrient Content of Diets Commonly Fed to Pet Birds’, by L. Hess DVM, G. Mauldin, DVM, MS, and K. Rosenthal, DVM, MS, that was distributed in the March 30, 2002, issue of “The Veterinary Record” the weaknesses of the run of the mill avian eating routine were recognized. The assortment of nourishments eaten by the feathered creatures in this overview included detailed weight control plans (pellets), seeds and human food sources. The aftereffects of this examination uncovered that 80 percent of the flying creatures expended less protein than suggested for essential upkeep, almost 58 percent devoured not exactly suggested measures of Vitamin A. With nutrient D3, 98.5 percent expended not exactly the suggested sums for upkeep. Almost 96 percent of the winged creatures devoured calcium levels beneath those suggested for legitimate support while about 93 percent had phosphorus levels underneath suggested levels.


Common Foods = Limited Nutrients


Seeds. Avian veterinarians will concur that taking care of a seed based eating regimen is one of the main sources of lack of healthy sustenance in feathered creatures. Seeds don’t give contend protein, they are a deficient protein source. Simply suppose you ate rice, and just rice, each day throughout the entire year, you’d become malnourished and undernourished simply like winged animals who are taken care of seeds as their fundamental staple. Seeds are extremely high in fat and starches. They do contain huge measures of nutrient E, yet by and large need different nutrients and have not many minerals. They don’t contain proteins or cancer prevention agents.


Pelleted and planned eating regimens were made to contain a greater amount of the basic supplements that are missing in seeds. Be that as it may, they despite everything miss the mark regarding giving the entirety of the several supplements our winged animals need. Defined weight control plans are normally planned to give a wellspring of complete protein from plant sources. They additionally may contain select minerals, and some additional nutrients, for the most part nutrient An and D3. The primary worry to know about with respect to detailed eating regimens is the supplements they are absent. Defined weight control plans are restricted to the nutrients that have been included, they totally need catalysts, have no cancer prevention agents – except if a limited quantity of nutrient E has been included. Nutrient E is a typical food additive known for its cell reinforcement properties.


At the point when new products of the soil are taken care of crude these nourishments do contain a few nutrients, minerals, a few compounds and may contain cancer prevention agents. These nourishments additionally contain starches. Any proteins in these nourishments are deficient.

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