Effective Drugs Not Priced For The Low Income Consumer

. While I begin drinking with rezeptfrei potenzmittel I do not need to cease: ___ Yes ___ No

23. I occasionally have difficulty quitting after 1 or two drinks: ___ Yes ___ No

24. I will never have Only One beverage: ___ Yes ___ No



27. I consider drinking or using drugs more than I need to: ___ Yes ___ No

28. I can not stop my urge or desire to drink or use medication: ___ Yes ___ No





33. I drank used medication in a family home and he or she got mad with me___ Yes ___ No

34. Drinking and drugging as well as the consequences of ingesting drugging has consumed too much time in my entire life: ___ Yes ___ No

35. I have been hospitalized for ingesting with medication and May have expired: ___ Yes ___ No

36. I have a Tough time having a Fantastic time without consuming with: ___ Yes ___ No

37. I’ve drunk or used drugs a great deal on events and functioned fine: ___ Yes ___ No

38. I occasionally drink or use medication to get stained or drunk: ___ Yes ___ No

39. I’ve wasted a Great Deal of money and time drinking or utilizing: ___ Yes ___ No

40. I love to get wasted each time I drink utilize medication: ___ Yes ___ No

41. I have been on ingesting medication using binges for two or more times in a row: ___ Yes ___ No

42. I’ve missed out on significant events while drinking or using: ___ Yes ___ No

43. I’ve missed out on the memories of holidays Once I used or drank: ___ Yes ___ No

44. I awakened while ingesting or using medication: ___ Yes ___ No

45. I’ve passed out while ingesting or using medication and did not come home: ___ Yes ___ No
46. I might never walk out of a pub unless it shut or I handed : ___ Yes ___ No


48. My bartender knows my name along with my usual beverage: ___ Yes ___ No


50. I love to party and ingesting or drugging at parties generally puts me in trouble: ___ Yes ___ No


52. I said did things while ingesting drugging I regretted after: ___ Yes ___ No

53. Drinking or drugging induced me to deliver up the past and also make things worse: ___ Yes ___ No

54. My sex life has suffered because of some excessive drinking and drug usage: ___ Yes ___ No

55. I’ve slept with quite ugly men and/or girls while ingesting and or using medication: ___ Yes ___ No

56. My drinking and/or medication usage has resulted in unprotected sex and a kid: ___ Yes ___ No


58. When I had been drunk or using drugs I have pregnant I got somebody pregnant

59. I had an abortion or somebody that I have pregnant had an abortion because of my drinking

60. My drinking or medication usage has prevented me out of getting positive experiences, it diminished my college and business chances and I’ve shown up at significant meetings after having medication or with alcohol in my breathe: ___ Yes ___ No

61. My drinking medication use has caused me people humiliation: ___ Yes ___ No

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